Give parents a seat in the classroom

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1) I'm a big believer in Brendan Mulligan. The research and sensitivity underlying his products is second to none. 2) We have been hacking a solution to this problem for our daughter's preschool for over a year. If you don't yet have kids, it can be hard to grok how obsessively parents want to see photo updates of their young ones and what's going on at school. It's almost universal about moms and dads, even those who aren't techie. Facebook groups don't cut it. I can't wait to try Homeroom.
@sacca Thanks Chris. Appreciate the support! Please connect me with anyone at your preschool if they want to give feedback / suggest features. We're still customizing this app for this vertical so much more to add over time. :)
This is our latest app, which applies the private sharing model to schools. Teachers (primarily elementary school) have been using Cluster for over a year to share photos with parents of their students, and let the parents see more of what's happening in the classroom. Homeroom is a product that focuses on that and optimizes certain things (the invite process for example), for this vertical. Would love any feedback from teachers and people in education.
@mulligan Private sharing is key when it comes to kids. Also ideal for teachers is not mixing this sharing with their personal social networks. Sounds great.
I don't know if I'm alone here, but that would mess with me if I knew my parents were watching me in class. I acted very differently in front of my parents than in front of my peers, which I think is reasonable. I still love education tech, so best of luck!
@blainehatab I think that's why this seems a bit better for elementary school than high school. Would you say you were that parent-conscious when you were younger?
@mulligan Absolutely. I definitely acted different in front of my parents compared to my peers. Same with teachers too. It was because they were the source of punishment, which they should be, and that makes it difficult to act completely care free. I'm sure this depends on many factors though and can differ from kid to kid. Maybe just keep the kids unaware at that age of the video camera, but that feels like of big brothery.
This is great. As a father of two, with one in preschool now, getting updates from my wife on how my daughter is doing in school every day is cumbersome. I always look forward to the moments that she can snap a picture of circle-time or my daughter in class and send it to me. Nice work!
@noinput Thanks so much for the kind feedback!
Father of young ones here, and looks really nice. It is definitely a problem that needs solving. As noted, the privacy elements are key. Invitation, getting parents permission to post pics of their kid, etc. Ideally you'd want your model to ultimately expand to older age groups as well to really capture this huge market in a way that Remind is doing...
@JeremyZ123 Thanks Jeremy!