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Love the idea and seems like they're going about it the right way. Just wish that the app recognition were a little better and that I could go in a make edits to things that are wrong or things I want to hide.
@Besvinick it looks like you can edit things and fix apps that matched incorrectly. once you are in your profile, swipe right and hold down on an app - it then allows you to 1) This is not my app 2) Hide App 3) Show in App Store.
@Besvinick I see your deal pipeline! ;)
You'd think I'd be all over this but over the years I've become jaded by social app discovery apps. 3-4 years ago we were exploring this space at PlayHaven. I looked at Chomp, AppsFire, and a ton of other similar "better App Stores" and none of them were really compelling. Consumers don't _really_ have a problem finding new apps, imho. It's not something they seek out because existing solutions (predominantly the App Store and WOM) suffice. That's not to say there's a big opportunity here but it needs to provide something more than a light social layer on top of the App Store. Downloading Homer now and very curious to hear @mlevchin's thought process behind this.
@rrhoover i think mostly interesting for People Like Us who are going to get tons of apps all the time. Not sure it's useful at all fro normals.
@johnolilly +1 see below my comments. talking from experience..
@rrhoover just a little precision. Appsfire was actually bigger than Chomp both in user base and usage as we improved the product over time and reached mostly organically 12 million downloads. but this being said that was still only a moderate success.
@rrhoover I agree, we had a good chat on this topic a few weeks ago on Twitter -- consumers don't realize they have a problem here, it's devs that think discovery needs to be fixed. It's kind of like convincing a mouse that mouse traps can be improved upon.
@johnolilly While I don't think I see myself returning to this everyday there is still an opportunity to get "normals" to use it on a weekly/monthly status. @hunterwalk tweeted " Want @ProductHunt & @HomerApp to have babies https://twitter.com/hunterwalk/s... " This to me is how you can get the normals. Ex. One could have Homer suggest/even download app downloads/trials based on top new product hunt apps. Also sending app recommendations to a family member might even be useful and engaging. I typically spend some time every holiday downloading new apps for my parents and friends who are not tuned into whats new and useful in "app world".
Adding your apps with a simple screenshot is pretty slick although I had to fix a few mismatches and my safari shortcut to Product Hunt couldn't be listed (can't wait until I replace it with a native app.... we're close!). Here's my homescreen: It's kind of fun to browse through friends' phone but I'm skeptical people will continually return to the app to update their catalog of apps regularly.
@rrhoover What about a notification to update screens once a week/month? iOS notify, screen grab, done. Updates in background.
@rrhoover yeah, when can we get the native app? :)
@ryannegri - I'm not familiar enough with iOS to know if apps can pull photos from your camera roll (after giving permission) in the background. If so, that could be a neat way of updating with minimal friction. @johnolilly - it's coming! We shared some details on TechCrunch a few weeks ago. I'll shoot you a beta in about a week. :)
@johnolilly agreed way more excited for the Product Hunt native app @rrhoover
@kerby seriously - the old (pre-YC) Test Flight build I had was great but I don't think it's working anymore. Right, @rrhoover?
we created this concept 4 years ago with Appsfire.com at the time there was 20 000 apps in the app store (we re not in that space any more) . Homer is very well implemented and has some very nice ideas. We learned over time that people actually don t care to know which apps their friends like but what their friends actually use AND like. And even though we found a way to get to this we ultimately learned that social discovery was not a business in itself. Times may change now, but i doubt it. You may also want to make sure Apple is not going to make troubles with this. App discovery is a very sensitive topic and being approved a few times does not mean that will fly forever. Here are a few thoughts on Social App discovery http://blog.appsfire.com/the-myt...
Hey all, one of the creators of Homer here. Thanks for all the feedback.
@ebabchick thanks for being receptive, Elliot, and you've sparked my curiosity. :)
@ebabchick Just had a conversation the other day with @abrams about a similar idea. I think the data simply on homescreen apps could be very interesting. Although I like to know the obscure app that resides on your third screen, it's more interesting to know the most popular AND the most used apps (i.e. those residing on a homescreen or, even better, on the bottom row). Really interested to see where this heads in the long term. Nice work thus far!