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Hey guys, @sherifkozman and team have been working hard on Homer and we can finally show it to you! The idea behind Homer came from having too many apps to switch to and from whenever there's an online discussion happening with a friend or a group of friends. Whether it's planning on going to the movies, having dinner together, etc. every single activity requires switching back and forth between multiple apps. Now, using Homer, when you type something like "Lets go out for dinner" and press on the Homer button within the keyboard, you will get many recommendations in the shape of cards, once you choose the place, you choose the time, and voilà! You get a Homer events card through which your friends can take actions such as calling the restaurant, ordering an Uber, seeing directions on Google Maps, and of course adding it to your calendar. You get all this through one keyboard that works across any messaging app (SMSs, iMessages, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, etc.) @Sherifkozman and I are around to answer all the questions you might have, we are very proud to share this product with all of you and we are looking forward to your feedback!
This looks amazing! I'm a huge fan of the integration and development! 🙏
@as_austin Thanks, Austin! The team worked very hard on these as well as the UI design :) Try it out and let us know your feedback.
@ahmednaguib Most definitely! I'm exploring now! 😊
Great product, I have a lot of messaging apps, but I don't want to leave when posting something interesting. Can you post an event as an image?
@tsunaze Hey Pierre! Thanks a lot. You don't have to leave your iMessenger, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc. because what we do is that we generate a URL through which your friends will find a card with multiple actions to make like reserve on Opentable, ordering an Uber, etc. :)
Hey @sherifkozman congratulations!! 👏🏽👏🏽 this app is definitely going to be useful for me. Couple questions - what all services are you integrated with already and what other services are you planning to integrate with further ? How does one integrate their own service with homer (if that's even possible)? Lastly, why 'Homer'? Is there a story there ?
@goelv Hey Varun, currently the Suggestion Cards integrate with Uber, Maps, Opentable , Fandango and link to On Demand TV Services like Hulu, iTunes and Amazon. We are rolling out new services as we go an expanding our Categories List. As for "Homer' , Homer Pigeons were famous in delivering messages effectively between people for ages long before we people had mail :)
A new update is now available, Homer is now available for iMessages. You can now browse and share files, music, articles and hangout plans directly from iMessages. This is a major update for us to enable Homer across lots of mediums. Now with as an iMessage app, once can access lots of services, share files & music with others directly from iMessages. Try it out and feed us back with what do you think.