A app for everything in your home (receipts, manuals, etc)

#1 Product of the DayMay 17, 2020
Homer is an app for everything about your home and your household. Where everything is neatly ordered, safely stored, and accessible from anywhere.
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Can't download this as it's only available in the US app store sadly.
@talas I think it's also available in Sweden
Regional access brought to an international comm platform... Is this a matter of propagation or just a classical disregard of the fact US does not equal the entire World ?makers
As I subscribed to email, got the link, didn't work, I believe it's the second option
We are helping homeowners get their stuff organized. Your information will be available from anywhere. It's a clever home binder that updates itself: Add a TV and Homer adds the manual. Add a washing machine, and Homer locates the best repair shop.
@carlos_alonso_goya love the concept... seems really thoroughly built out. Nice work!
Interesting. I use Evernote for this currently but would definitely try this but… giving an app an inventory of what is in my home means giving them significant trust to handle my data with care, including a strong privacy policy. Unfortunately, the linked privacy policy is not in English and the footer link isn’t clickable at least via mobile. I’ll pass https://homer.co/sv/privacy/
This is great idea