Homee v2

Chat with a designer who will help furnish your room

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Jean Meyer
Jean Meyer@oncejean · CEO Once Dating, AG
I love Homee. Used it once when it was still in v1. Can't wait to test v2. You're changing your concept and your selling directly the items from the app?
Ethan Gromet
Ethan GrometMaker@ethangromet
@oncejean Thanks for your support in V1! Yep you can buy items directly the app - you'll also have customer support the whole way through to make sure everything gets delivered smoothly.
Aman Bhadauria
Aman Bhadauria@amanbhadauria · designer
Good work guys! Maybe you'd like to check out @dekorate from India. We've been doing a lot of work in the same space for a while now :) https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Gus Navarro
Gus Navarro@gus_navarro · Customer Success Manager In London Town
Awesome idea
Florian Krakau
Florian Krakau@dotdean · DDE @ dotdean.studios
we are just movin... maybe i will try to use your service to make a better start ;) @bencera_
I have used it and got suggestions from a designer to furnish my new home. Recently found this in my Cart in Homee app. Hope they fix it in v2. http://imgur.com/Psd80QH
Ethan Gromet
Ethan GrometMaker@ethangromet
@chandaraprakash we fixed this bug in V2 :)