Home Tab by Indeed

Easily explore job opportunities as a daily routine

Home Tab by Indeed is a Chrome extension which makes searching for jobs quicker and easier by incorporating your search into your daily online routine. Every time you open a new tab, Home Tab by Indeed displays three new job opportunities for you. Home Tab also helps you keep track of your daily goals and celebrate your success.

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Tingting Feng
What's up!
About 8 weeks ago, I started my 12-week onboarding training at Indeed. All new hires pitch ideas and form teams. We have 9 weeks to validate our hypothesis and quickly develop our solutions. Our ideation started with an observation: “Many people take a long time to narrow down which jobs they want. If would be so cool if we could help them easily explore jobs to help determine their job preferences.” Our hypothesis was that showing passive and active job seekers job-related information multiple times a day would help them narrow down preferences and start applying quickly. This is how we came up with the idea of developing Home Tab by Indeed, a Chrome extension that shows you three new jobs every time you open a tab. Inspired by the simplicity and elegance of products like Momentum and Wandertab, we wanted to incorporate job exploration into career-driven people’s daily online routine. Home Tab is still in its very early stages as a beta product. Special thanks to @lindsaybro and @sethfatzinger for helping us along the way. We are in the midst of determining our next steps, and we’d love to get your feedback on where we are, as well as any additional features you think would help job seekers. Thank you for your comments!
Jesse ChenPretend to be geeky.

Will definitely recommend to everyone.


Nice UI and easy to use.