A workplace comedy for the self-employed

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Hello hello! I'm Josh, the writer/director of HOME/OFFICE. My co-creator and I bootstrapped this 8 episode web series based on my years of experience freelancing as a designer and web developer. With nearly every other kind of workplace comedy out there, we hadn’t really seen a show speak to the experience that we and most of our friends were having as freelancers, so we thought we’d give it a shot. We tried to pack in as many jokes about the ups and downs of working from home and getting started running your own business. Hopefully there's plenty you can relate to. Production-wise, we put together a small team of friends and filmed the entire show out of my (small) Brooklyn apartment over 7 very long days. My co-creator/lead actor slept on the couch and my living room was packed with film lights and equipment. We spent the following year editing, recording voiceover, mixing the sound, doing VFX, and color correcting. Fortunately, once the episodes were complete, we were able to partner with a couple of supportive companies to help cover our production costs. Hooray for art meeting commerce! All in all, HOME/OFFICE was definitely a big small project and we're excited to have it out in the world. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear what you think!