Holographic Virtual Pet, that Talks, Listens, Cares...

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Holomite is the first family virtual assistant with a lively holographic pet that does the interaction with the users.

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Столе Китановиќ
Столе КитановиќHunter@dynamicmk · CEO, Vortechs Media
Hello guys. Thanks for accepting me as a contributor. We are really excited to present to you Holomite, our newest product, the first voice-controlled family virtual assistant with holographic virtual pet. At the moment we are working on the hybrid platform, using Google's APIs and our own AI. Holomite will also be equipped with smart light show system, which will follow the holographic virtual pet's movements. KEY FEATURES: - Baby Monitor - The Virtual Pet itself - Music Player (Audio files, and YouTube content) - Family Games (5 second rules, Trivia, True or False...) - Voice Mail (Stay in contact with your kids while on work or traveling...) - Calculator - Encyclopedia - Weather - Clock (With Alarms, Reminders and Timers)