Open source mixed reality. Like Google Cardboard for MR.

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This shouldn't be called mixed reality until you can touch things and interact with them. It's more like an advanced augmented reality platform. I'll still order it though 😊
@erickbarron86 it's interactable with any bluetooth device or just your hand (through sdk)
I'm curious if this will be integrated with AR Kit to open up more content or if it's their own platform like Wikitude and Vuforia.
@3amjosh it's fully compatible with ARKit from iOS 11.
I want this I want this I want this I want this I want this... I want this
Great product!! Your innovation inspires the following... Feature Suggestion: Cardboard "Temples" for HoloKit for Hands-Free Usage: https://twitter.com/jay_bee12345... Thank you! JB.