Using AR to explain complex theories in their simplest form

Hologo is for students, teachers, schools and lifelong learners. The app brings immersive experiences to the education system, for students to learn better and for teachers to better teach concepts visually like never before using Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Technology.

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I'm confused. I just downloaded the app and I downloaded a few Demo ARs. I saw a little download icon, but now what? I don't see what I'm supposed to do next once the AR has downloaded. Where is it? How do I check it out?
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@higheredfaculty once a demo AR is downloaded the AR model will appear. If you are unable to see the AR model you can press the reset button on top right of the screen. Next when you press the gear button, you will get the option of pressing “learn” or “explore”. When you press learn the app will give you an audio tour of the AR model. If it is a Journey experience you will be presented with a window on the screen. You will have to walk through the window with your device to get a VR experience. Once you are signed up, and only if you are signed up as a teacher you can press “explore” in the gear button and start recording your voice over the AR experience.
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Just saw this featured in the App Store, really love the direction they're heading in. Making classrooms more immersive with mixed reality would definitely help students understand better 👨‍🎓
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Hi there! This looks like a great addition for teaching. WIll you be able to create your own lessons with this? Or is it just a platform to get content? If so that does not fix the why for me, as I want to be able to create my own content and teach what I want to teach.
@guus_hoeve hi teachers can open AR experiences and customize the experiences with an inbuilt voice and explain feature. Many more customization options in the pipeline to be integrated such as custom interfaces for schools. :)
Great job !! 😊 Will check it out !!
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This looks like something with unlimited potential to disrupt the education field and change not only the way students learn but the rate at which they are able to master aspects of certain subjects. I know, as a parent, that my own children would benefit from it as they would be more engaged and less likely to become bored during class. After looking around on the website and Twitter, I have a couple questions: Is there any particular reason for this being specific to Apple or will it be released for Android at some point in the future? Also, the price of the paid plans seem a bit steep for teachers, when they are already struggling and having to buy classroom supplies out of their own pockets, while the free plan is rather limited. How do you plan to address this going forward so that it reaches as many schools and students as possible in order to live up to its potential?
@joelenemarie thanks for the comment! Likewise we see a lot of potential as well. A lot of upgrades to the content will be released within the next six months including more engaging AR experiences and literally a 1000 more experiences will be added to our library. Hologo will not be exclusive to Apple, we are releasing an Android version and a web version on September 2018. I agree on the teacher pricing, we are quite aggressively looking into ways in which we can offer teacher plans free and sustain ourselves. We hope to have an answer for this and announce this by Jan 2019. :)
@eedhamrasheed Awesome! Thanks for the response! I'm looking forward to seeing Hologo widely adopted in schools everywhere, it could be an invaluable resource for homeschooling as well as public and private schools!
@joelenemarie thank you for the kind words & encouragement.