Create and share holographic videos

HoloBack captures high quality holographic videos and lets you or your friends place them into an augmented reality scene.




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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Fuuuuun. Could be fun to add a location-based Pokemon mechanic where I can hide my hologram somewhere in the city and catch my friends' faces. Thoughts, @alex_powell?
Alex PowellMaker@alex_powell · Innovation, creativity, artistry. 🤓
@rrhoover What a great idea! Something worth exploring for sure!
Alex PowellMaker@alex_powell · Innovation, creativity, artistry. 🤓
Hi everyone! 👋🏻 Alex, the creator, here! We are just getting started with our vision for HoloBack. There are many exciting product possibilities we'll be exploring, all centered around novel forms of human expression through AR. HoloBack is an exploration in art 🎨, communication ☎️, and fun 🎉! Expect some social features, interactive and persistent holograms, and more in the coming months! Looking forward to hearing any feedback! - Alex 🤓👍🏻👍🏻
Roland Hovsepyan@roland_hovsepyan · videomaker
Stephen Inoue@stepheninoue · Thinking, Making, Creating
Needs some tweaks. Update the app store graphics. Add details about iPhone X being required to create holograms. The steps to view a sample hologram turns on the camera, but says to find a level surface to place camera on, and then does nothing.
Alex PowellMaker@alex_powell · Innovation, creativity, artistry. 🤓
@stepheninoue Thanks for the feedback, couldn’t agree more! Object placement in mobile AR is a challenging and still developing area of UX— I hope a few simple improvements (such as wording in the steps, that’s great feedback!) and best practices here can make the experience much better.
Swati Raina@swatiraina2 · Suppy Chain Manager , The Brand Stable
LOL. This is so amusing!! Something i can surprise my friend circle with. Great work @alex_powell.
Alex PowellMaker@alex_powell · Innovation, creativity, artistry. 🤓
@swatiraina2 Thanks, glad you like it! Hope your friends will try it out too! 😀