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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 22, 2017

Holo with ARKit is the first AR app that lets you place 3D holograms of real people and animals in your world, move around and interact with them as if truly there in real life, and create videos & photos to share with friends. Holograms include Spider-Man, Jhene Aiko, Jon Hamm, Jerome Boateng, Buzz Aldrin, Nyjah Huston, loads of animals, and more.

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Hi all, we just launched Holo with ARKit. Hope you like it! Since our initial launch of Holo in June, people have placed more than 3M holograms of real people and animals in nearly every country around the globe. With ARKit, now you can stick the hologram on surface and move around it as if its really there, letting you make your own mini-AR movie with real and virtual characters. We also added a few other features: * double-tap a Holo to scale to life-size. Double-tap again to fit-to-screen. (iOS 11-only) * two-finger rotation is now supported * tap to move a Holo to a new position (dragging still works too) Here's Motherboard's fun take on it: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_... Excited to hear what you think, and show us your holos by tagging #holoapp Thanks, Amy
@amysez Love it. Sent a couple to friends and my kid and they couldn't believe it. (In fact my friend thought there was a real burlesque dancer in my kitchen :) ). Do you have plans (or does ARKit have support for) adjusting the light shading/rendering to match lighting conditions? It would kill a little of that "cartoon" look, although it's plenty of fun as is! (Using a 7plus if that helps.)
@amysez or the makers — how has the change from simple Orientation Tracking to now utilizing ARWorldTrackingConfiguration changed the experience? Any difficulties in development? How about overcoming performance issues on devices like the iPhone 6s or SE?
@amysez @rgoodwin good question — this is partially a hardware issue from my understanding as well as an API implementation. If your app utilizes: ARLightEstimate it will estimated scene lighting information associated with a captured video frame in an AR session in real time. https://developer.apple.com/docu... But this also has to do with the world you're creating in Unity, Metal, or Scene/Spritekits.
@rgoodwin thanks for the feedback. Glad you’re enjoying Holo. You can enable dynamic color correction in your settings (tap the 4 squares at the top left, then find the settings icon on the top right). Hope this helps!
@amysez @_jshmllr World tracking required us to rethink the interaction with Holos as well the six degrees of freedom that ARKIt affords us. The resulting user experience is much smoother and allows for more reliable scene setup and video creation by the user. Now, the Holos really feel fixed to a world location which was difficult to achieve before ARKit. ARKit does not always provide enough information for accurate placement. We used several techniques to achieve greater confidence than the default behaviour and to accomodate the fast re-positioning users need when playing with Holos. The depth placement used by most apps can result in artefacts causing Holos to appear very close to the camera. By not using this depth input we avoid these. Supporting non-ARKit devices, e.g. iOS 10 and iOS 11 with older processors, and gracefully failing back to orientation tracking was not so trivial for us. For all devices we optimised our use of ARKit and avoided making full use of it’s feature-point detection when it did not need to be active; this minimises battery usage.
Absolutely love this app, especially the 3D rendering, def one of the best uses of ARKit today. What's most exciting about this is if 8i has done so much at ARKit's initial stages, they can further, faster and it's only gonna get better! Keep it up guys!
Awesome. I can see it. I like.
looks like fun!)
It's look like funny !