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Hi Guys, We launched Holo, after many failed attempts in getting our concept right. Our vision with holo is to provide relevant information let it be messages from friends, reminders at work, love note at school for your loved ones, deals and offers from your favourite stores, boarding pass at the airport all provided to you as a notification at the right time and the right location. We hope to provide the best location triggered information for people. We also hope to build ourselves as an Ai platform and provide access to SDKs in the future for developers to take advantage of location triggered notifications. Let us know what you think about Holo.
@manojadithya Hi, since I really loved the app, I just want to ask you how do you plan to attract businesses to advertise without using app users?
@manojadithya Hi, Nice concept, How do you plan to compete with @swarm / @foursquare ? If the main difference is personalized notes, It should't take much for them to compere??? unless I'm missing something here.
@eli_weiss Hi Eli, the main difference is information from multiple sources provided to the users at the right location, not just notes from friends but also information as notifications from restaurants, stores, publishers etc.
@manojadithya Thanks, Does Multiple sources include foursquare ?
@bojansavikj Well @producthunt is doing the job by helping us get the user base we need to talk to businesses.
Hey, brilliant work @manojadithya ! I am very intrigued by this concept and can't wait to try it out! It seems very intuitive and interesting. Best to you and the Holo team!
@3raxton Appreciate your good words! Since you're an UI designer let us know if you have any constructive criticism for our app design. We would love to hear from you.
This is a really interesting idea even though the general sentiment that its application and usage is somewhat limited. I do, however, think this will be great for travel and tourism :) Have you looked into that? Maybe work with local tourism departments? @manojadithya
@davidsfeng Yeah we see this app as an endless opportunity where we Holo can notify users about boarding passes at their airport partnered with an airliner or getting a traffic update of a alternate route to and fro work or being notified about the history of monument with a small preview along with the prices to enter. All location specific.We strongly believe this and that's our future. We are talking to Disney parks, Dubai International Airport and Emirates about this.
I love this idea. I think there could be two main problems: 1) Adoption. I think not so many people will get the value of this kind of notes at first (just my idea, I have no data to prove it). 2) Spam. When the app has a large amount of users, there will be a lot of notes, messages, trolling, you name it. But over all, I find it very cool. I surely will use it.
@carlosherrera Adoption is a huge problem but once people get the idea what it's capable of it can get going. We working hard to make as simple as possible for people to understand Location triggered messages. To prevent spam we don't let users post public messages for now it's only to friends and people in their contacts. We soon intend to let verified users post public messages to people is specific locations. Thanks for letting us know what we should focusing on. πŸš€
@carlosherrera I also worry about a different kind of spam. If lots of people adopt, then to make money you'll have to annoy people with location based ads. I'd really have to love this to endure ads while I'm in a hurry at the store.
Snap inc. had filed a patent for location based snaps few years back, but never utilized it. Best of luck, idea definitely has potential, will download and check out.
@jasan I'm super happy you see our vision. If you have contribution and want to give us any suggestion do email me at manoj@storyboard.co