Holly Website Audit

Free, brandable website audit for your potential clients

Hi Product Hunters! Sample report here: https://www.siteaudit.info/?audi... Google has some great guidelines about what makes an awesome website. Unfortunately, the vast majority of websites don't adhere to them. This creates an opportunity for web designers and web agencies to reach out to potential customers with a short, easy to understand report which explains why their website is in need of a refresh. We created the Holly Website Audit to make it easy for everyone to create a free, brandable website audit to use in any way you please!
@scotty_bowler I keep getting 404 errors, for example your main submitted link about (Get It) 404's and when I fill in the form to submit a site it 404's on submission :( [update] Seems to be working now when submitting the form :)
@ryan_roberts1 Fixed - thanks for the heads up (doh!!)
@scotty_bowler LOVE the brandable website audit. Ever thought of creating the same type of tool but for social media audits? I've never one i liked, AND that i could actually brand.
@brucekraftjr Interesting idea - what would you want the report to show? Email me on scott.bowler@chooseholly.com and we can discuss in more detail :)
Not a bad analysis of sites. Thank you