Throw on a Kanye or Obama mask and video message friends.

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Hey all! Will here - one of the guys behind Hollerback. Super crowded (but fun!) space so let me know if you have any feedback or questions. Anything is fair game!
Yo, @willydennis! Congrats on the big update. Early versions of Hollerback were entirely video until you added text-based messaging. Why? Tangent: You know how dog owners sometimes look like their dog? Well, Hollerback looks like Will. His personality and humor shines through in the product. It's a good sign of founder/market fit as @bfeld describes here.
Hey @rrhoover! Thanks. We added text when we saw beta users bouncing back and forth between iMessage and Hollerback for the same conversation. We realized video and text are just different ways of sending messages within the same conversation (rather than self-contained use cases). Sometimes video is better, sometimes text is better, so we found it important to let people continue their conversation all in one place.
I had so much fun being batman this evening.
@jasondainter - I was playing with an early version of Hollerback with my mom (@shreebobnish) a while ago. Great app to bond with the family. :)