Video messenger with authentic reactions

Hollagram makes video chat as convenient as text messaging. You can video chat with your friends any time — even when they're not online! How? Hollagram records and plays videos simultaneously to recreate the experience of a live video call.

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Hi Everyone, Since this is our first time launching a product on Product Hunt, I wanted to start by saying hi and introducing myself and the team. We’re three engineers who were lucky enough to be a part of the very early team that built Pinterest going all the way back to 2011. After 5 amazing years, Josh, Evrhet, and myself decided it was time to follow our dreams and build a few product ideas of our own. We founded Utility Team Labs last year and started building. Today we’re excited to introduce our first product, Hollagram. It’s a new iPhone app that combines the experience of live video chat with the convenience of texting. How does it work? To put it simply, Hollagram: * lets you record and send video messages to your friends any time. * captures authentic reactions by recording your friends _as they watch_ your messages. * combines your original video and their reaction into a single continuous video stream that can be saved and rewatched any time. Over the summer we got to test Hollagram with our friends and family and an amazing community of testers who helped us realize just how special face-to-face interactions are in a world increasingly ruled by hashtags and emojis. We discovered that people really do miss seeing and talking to one another — they just don’t always have an easy way that fits their daily routine. We made Hollagram to give people more opportunities to share meaningful moments together even when they can’t be physically (or online) together at the same time. A few other features worth mentioning: * Groups - chat in groups of up to 6 friends. Send a video and see reactions from 5 friends simultaneously. * Filters - we included a basic set of filters aimed at helping you feel comfortable on camera. Nothing revolutionary here--sometimes you just don’t want anyone seeing your messy bedhead. * Individual messages can be up to 30 seconds long. * Messages between you and your friends are private (although you can choose to download them to your camera roll for easy sharing). Thanks for checking it out! We look forward to hearing your feedback and would love to answer your questions.
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@bitdrift Hey Ryan, I love this product! With so many loved ones spread across the world I can see this being really useful... were there any surprising moments over the summer while you were testing? 😄
@abadesi There were! My co-founder Josh discovered really quickly that he could troll me by recording concerts he was at and seeing me get jealous. To this day lots of group chats we hear about often involve friends teasing one another. I guess when you know you can see your friends' reactions it changes what you choose to send.
@bitdrift I love that idea! Downloading now...✌🏽
@abadesi did you have a chance to try it out. I’m ‘evrhets’ on there if you want someone to chat with

Hollagram is a great way how to connect with people even more. Having a boyfriend who can't be with me every day is tough, but Hollagram has helped us to stay in touch on a completely different level. I know when he laughed at my stupid joke (thanks to "reactions" feature) and he also knew how super excited I was when he was showing me a new apartment. And of course, we have some of those precious moments downloaded.


- reactions

- you can go back to old messages and watch/download them again

- design and filters

- unwatched messages stay as long you need


- I have a lot of Android friends 🙈

A few years ago, there were a couple "push-to-talk"/walkie-talkie style apps for exchanging voice messages with friends. I always liked the flexibility those apps provided—you didn't have to answer right away and there was an ongoing conversation that built up over time. Hollagram gives those same benefits while adding the ability to see people's reactions to your messages. For me, this makes Hollagram a great way to keep in touch with friends and family that I don't get to see as often as I'd like.


It's a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family


Biggest con is just that it's a new app for communicating, so it can be tough to convince friends to join

My kids think it's particularly fun to see non-realtime messages with the same emotional connection as a video chat.


It's personal - captures emotion. Especially fun with my kids.


No better alternative to emotive messaging. Just need more people on it.

I've been testing it and it's really fun - give it a try!


- Really fun to see people's reactions

- Awesome to try to come up with things to get funny reactions from your friends


- Just get more people on Hollagram!