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I'm a big fan of Hola. It's quick and easy to use, and it's the only VPN from several I've tried that also works with Chromecast.
@wmougayar I use TunnelBear as a VPN layer on devices then throw to Chromecast or AirPlay as necessary.
@davidcrow I use TB, but it blocks the chromecast on the iphone and mac. can you get it to work with chromecast?
@wmougayar you are probably correct. I primarily use Airplay and Unblock-US for DNS redirect. I haven't tried recently.
I absolutely love Hola. Have been using it since forever to access Netflix from Thailand.
@jonrussell Me too, I use it for Netflix, but on chromecast it doesn't transfer the sound to the TV. Are you having the same issue?
@wmougayar I don't Chromecast so can't say I'm come across that issue I'm afraid