Hocus Focus

A Mac menu bar utility that hides your inactive windows



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Nial — Developer
Hey guys! I'm the developer behind Hocus Focus. The application's been around since 2011 under the name of Houdini, but was recently rewritten from the ground-up and relaunched as a modern Yosemite-friendly application.

I'll try my best to answer any questions people have!
Ria Blagburn — Founder, GrowBeyond
@nialgiacomelli This looks ace, Nial! I really like that you can alter the settings on a per-app basis. I also appreciate your love for BMO :)

I saw on the Hocus Focus site that you decided to remove the app from the App Store - what impact has this had on your downloads?
Nial — Developer
@riaface It's a little too early to tell with regards to impact on downloads, but the Mac App Store is substantially less busy than the iOS variant - which meant Houdini would regularly chart fairly highly. I expect downloads to take a slight dip given that less people are likely to come across it while casually browsing the App Store.
Tyson Quick — CEO Instapage
@nialgiacomelli You should really accept Bitcoin donations vs Coinbase as well.
@nialgiacomelli There's no menu associate with the app. how do I uninstall once it's open? Cant drag and drop.
lwsmith10011 — unemployed
@measuredweighed -- name your file. I delete latest.zip as virus.
Nial — Developer
@lwsmith10011 A fair point. I've renamed the file: 'hocus-focus-latest.zip'. Sorry for any confusion :-)
@measuredweighed Hi Nial! Just wondering: will this appropriately trigger App Nap for windows that get hidden?
Nial — Developer
@chrisaljoudi Short answer: yes, it should. Slightly longer answer: it depends what the application is doing! Apple's rules state that an application will enter App Nap provided it: isn't playing audio, isn't handling specific OS-level assertions, has no visible windows and isn't the foreground application. Hocus Focus should take care of those last two requirements (which should trigger App Nap in the majority of situations). Hope this helps.
Ross Blankenship — AngelKings.com, CEO and Partner
@measuredweighed Hi Nial, would recommend adding a 30 second video and/or featured screenshots and examples on your homepage.

Before we download anything, it's important to know what's expected. The idea sounds good though, but would love to see that implemented first.

Ross D. Blankenship
Angel Investor | http://AngelKings.com
Greg Gerber — Making my dent
I use ⌘+H and ⌘+tab to hide/show windows all day long. Most people don't know about hiding windows. So much better than minimizing.
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