Get Siri to generate classy insults and comebacks πŸ˜‚

We lovingly administered CPR to our old friend Hobson and brought him back to the App Store with enhanced vigor. You can now use shortcuts to ask Siri to insult you using Hobson, and create your own Shortcuts to send insults to friends. Shake your phone...
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I built this a couple of years back with my good friend and illustrator Mark Levy (marklevyart.com) – it makes us laugh to this day and we dusted him off to add some Siri smarts and the option to have him speak.
Great job!!πŸ˜€ Looks quite good
In case anyone is wondering, yes you can use the Siri shortcuts from Apple Watch or HomePod! Go to the favourites/settings screen and tap the settings icon to add shortcuts, or use the iOS Settings -> Siri & Search screen.
that's make me funπŸ˜‚