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Hey, thanks for hunting us! We’re excited to be featured on the App Store’s New Apps We Love, maybe that’s where you found us?! We wanted to use technology to enhance our humanity, instead of how it’s often used to isolate us further in our silos. So we designed our whole UX to make it effortless to get together with the people who matter to us most. We built everything to remove the friction of organizing gatherings, and made it seamless to reach out and chat with the people you meet offline. Would love to hear what you guys think!
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Love it! Congrats on the recent feature in the Apple Store!
@rob Thanks Rob!
I love this app! It totally helps me manage all aspects related to any event or get together. I use it for everything ranging from weekly poker games to 200+ person events. Super easy and convenient!
A great product featured on the iOS app store made by neighbors in downtown Honolulu! Keep up the good work guys!