12 new hobbies into your life, one month at a time.

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I think, there are potential for these kinds of product that help people to get instant skills. This model creates a feeling of ambitious. People feel that it will be milestones of their lives. People learn by doing. Business model support people with community and social, too.
@ozguralaz agreed. Although very different than this, Complete fits in this space. cc @jtzou
Neat concept! This month's hobby is learning how to prepare old fashioned foods from butter to moonshine.
I was inspired by the brilliant #WELLNOWIMCOVEREDINFLOUR photos and baked my made my first loaf of bread in Week 2. Thanks @tylerriewer!
I love it. I feel like an element of choice might make this more attractive, but I understand that adding skews would add a lot of complexity to the business.
I've been currently looking for a hobby as I feel I need one. Being an office worker I need an outdoor hobby. And birding seems to be what I need. I've already found smart binos here https://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd... . I'll definitely spend my Semtember vacation on birding.