Leaderboards for sports clubs

Hobbi is a flexible leaderboard for sports clubs.

You can choose a format, scoring and play speed mode when setting up a leaderboard.

Leaderboards could be used for club nights, a casual league, a competitive ladder or just for tracking games amongst players.

Hey all! When I was at university we used a ladder system that I found was a great way to organise and enjoy games in the uni club. I found there was a lack of a good tools on mobile for organising casual and competitive games so I decided to develop Hobbi. You can create flexible leaderboards for whatever your clubs needs are: 1. Choose a format Normal - Players can challenge anyone Ladder - Players can only challenge people around them 2. Choose the scoring Simple - Just say who won the match Single - Add a single score for each player Triple - Add three scores for each player 3. Choose a speed Normal - Create a match, message to organise then add results when finished Instant - Add match results instantly in a few taps 4. Add rules and information Add any rules you want to make for the leaderboard in the about section and any information on where and when people can play. You could use Hobbi for any of these reasons in your club: Club night - Making a simple scoring leaderboard to track games on a club night. Casual league - Make a leaderboard with a normal format so people can challenge anyone and play whenever they can. Competitive ladder - Make a leaderboard with a ladder format so players have to beat players above them to get as high as they can. Tracking player games - Make a leaderboard for team players to track internal games between each other when they’re training. Would love to hear about people's experiences in clubs and what problems they have. ---------- As my first of hopefully many product hunt posts I have to make a shoutout to @rrhoover and the team for everything they’ve done with the community. I started using Product hunt over 4 year ago and i’ve used it pretty much everyday ever since. It’s a great source of inspiration for myself and others around the world who love seeing great ideas come to life. It is honestly the site I look most forward to going through at the end of each day. Errrm, no, you’re crying. Reach out to me at george@hobbi.io or on here with any ideas or feedback you have, thanks! Happy hunting