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Julien BarbierMaker@julienbarbier42 · Sr Director of Growth at Docker
Hello PHunters! I am one of the co-founder too :) LMK if you have any question!
Sylvain KalacheMaker@sylvainkalache · Co-founder at Holberton School
Hello Product Hunt community. I'm one of the co-founder of HNWatcher, available to answer questions.
Justin Jackson@mijustin · ⚡️
@sylvainkalache I just started using it! I'm liking it so far (I use it specifically to follow patio11). One thing I'd love to see: public URLS. For example:
Sylvain KalacheMaker@sylvainkalache · Co-founder at Holberton School
@mijustin Noted! Thank you for the feedback Justin!
Guillaume DumortierHiring@guillaume_ · Growth Marketer — CEO @GrowthConcierge
Liking it! I'd love to see topics I could directly subscribe to like "Product" ,"Marketing" or "Strategy" that are pre-populated sets of keywords.
Ekaterina Klink@ekaterinaklink · Growth & International Bizdev
Would be great to see suggestions on whom to follow, most popular users, etc. Good job!
Manish Malik@dotmanish · Technology Products. Mostly.
Is the "Top tracked keywords" page working? brings upon a blank page.