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James Koole@deleted-21562
Nice app! Couple suggestions... 1. tapping on the article takes you to the HN comment thread. I prefer to read the actual linked article before commenting, so maybe that would be preferred? A comment count bubble to link to the comment thread would work, leaving the tap on the article to take you to the actual submitted article. 2. Not being able to swipe to go back is something I instantly missed having. The tap at the top left to go back to the big list is a long way up there on a 6S or 6S+ and swipe to go back a page is a nice option. Otherwise, looks great! Nice, clean interface and very fast.
Patrick Thompson@neurohacked
@jameskoole Yes! In fact, these are the only two things I don't like about this app. It's great otherwise.
Faiz MokhtarMaker@faizmokh · Software Engineer, Malaysia
@jameskoole Thank you James for the feedbacks. It's super helpful. Will try to keep that in mind for future updates.
VeselinHiring@vesln · @AngelList Platform
it looks pretty nice, i'm going to give it a go
Faiz MokhtarMaker@faizmokh · Software Engineer, Malaysia
@vesln thank you. Would love to hear your feedbacks on how I can improve it more. 😀
KateHiring@katesegrin · Head of Social @ GitHub
The upvotes look like those on Product Hunt (so of course I love it 😉)
Faiz MokhtarMaker@faizmokh · Software Engineer, Malaysia
@katesegrin thanks Kate. TBH the upvote button is inspired from the earlier Product Hunt iOS app. 😝
Raul Riera@raulriera · I make things
@faizmokh nice work, I made an open source version of that control at if you have any improvements to submit I would love them :)
Faiz MokhtarMaker@faizmokh · Software Engineer, Malaysia
@raulriera This is awesome! Starred it. 👍
Mark Bao@markbao · Founder, Ambition
Nice app. Some feeedback: I think it needs a bit more padding on the comments, and collapsing comments is essential. I really like how Narwhal ( does their comment collapsing. Also needs the back swipe functionality, as someone else here has mentioned.
Faiz MokhtarMaker@faizmokh · Software Engineer, Malaysia
@markbao Thanks for the feedbacks Mark. I too think that padding need a bit more adjusment on it. Working on the swipe back functionality now. 👍
Sivaram Adhiappan@sadhiappan · Halfword Software Inc
Very clean interface. Nicely done. As others have mentioned "Swipe" to go back is a big missing feature. Another feature request would be swipe on the comment to collapse the comment thread.