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I built Hixle to solve a problem as finding the latest fonts, complimentary palettes and subtle gradients was a chore. Discover the latest styles, fonts, colour palettes, gradients and tools based on the best designs from around the web. Join Hixle to upvote your favourite resources. My mission is to capture the designer's intuition.

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Hi @circularchaos 👋 what are the best features on Hixle we should check out? I'd love to hear a little more about how you built it?
@ems_hodge Hey Emily! That's a great question, I'm building Hixle in various stages and I'm currently in the 'exploration' stage :) Many awesome apps are being built everyday and from a designer/developer perspective, it's challenging finding all the design pieces that fit the puzzle. The styles section does a great job of curating the chosen font combinations, complementary colour palettes and tools used to create an app. So staying on top of trends becomes a breeze 👍🏼 There are also options to view each design resource separately along with recommendations for similar styles so you're never out of inspiration for your next design project! In the near future and depending on what the users want, I aim to build more features specifically around organising collections of fonts and colours based on how a design thinks e.g. emotions and for different scenarios e.g. special occasions. Hixle was born out of pure frustration :) I'm trying to scratch my own itch and solve problems that I face regularly including finding resources not just by just keywords, but by emotions and intent. After talking with other designers it turned out to be an idea worth exploring. I'm starting off small for now and I look forward to seeing where this project takes me! Regarding the tech stack, Hixle is custom built on top of WordPress. I needed something quick and easy to get up and running as I believe it's best to use whatever tools you are familiar with and not have to worry about scale before you have to. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any feedback I would really appreciate it as I'm building Hixle using a user-centred approach. Thanks!
How did you curate these resources? Are these hand picked? Is there an algorithm that somehow selects the best from the web?
@stefschan Hey Stefanie! Right now the resources are curated by hand :) I'm always browsing sites and I bookmark everything that I believe is well designed and popular within the design community. In the near future I aim to allow users to curate their own as defining the 'best' is very subjective!
Very nicely done. I like the aesthetics. Upvote for sure. How do you extract color palletes?
@darekdoesstuff Hey Darek, thank you very much! The colour palettes are extracted from a .css file as that is where the brand colours tend to be stored :)

Wow! I've been on this site for over an hour already. Great for exploring brands. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to build a brand from the ground up and looking for inspiration.


Easy to Navigate. Great for inspiration. Very organized.


"Gradients" section is still being expanded.

Great project. Would you mind telling us more about the features around organising collections, that you're planning to build?
@learnuxio Hey Greg, sure! I have a few ideas that I'd like to bounce of the users. 1. Every app has a collection of styles that consist of fonts, colours, tools that are used so it would be great to see what everyone uses. It would also be cool to show other builders or collectors different collections as they could be using something similar which could open up new discussions and opportunities. You can think of it a creating a starter kit for a new project. 2. Fonts are a very powerful asset in a designer's toolbox. When working on a design project, it would be awesome to see the different font pairings (collections) that my friends have created for different occasions e.g. popular fonts used by coffee shops, fonts used for limited real estate (apple watch etc). There are practical reasons for choosing specific fonts. 3. Everyone has their own definition of what something feels like and it can vary significantly depending on a person's culture. In terms of colours, I think it would be awesome to know how a person from a different part of the world processes different colours and how it makes them feel. As colours are used to invoke emotion, creating collections of 'colours that convey happiness in the US' would be really useful for designer's searching for brand colours. It can open up a whole new world for how we understand other people's perspectives.
@circularchaos Thank you very much for your response! I must say that it all sounds really interesting and you really thought through your project. I keep my fingers crossed for Hixle!
@learnuxio Thank you very much Greg! Appreciate it 🙏🏼 👍🏼