Hivemapper Flight View

By far the best way to view your drone video footage 🌎

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Ariel SeidmanMaker@aseidman Β· CEO & Co-Founder of Hivemapper
Hivemapper Flight View is we think by far the best way to view drone video footage. It's like Street View - from above - yet so much better ;-) The best part is that it's created with drone videos from anybody -- the Coit Tower area was created with nothing more than drone video from multiple fliers. We have drone video for all of San Francisco and over the coming weeks we will add more areas. The way it works is quite simple -- anybody can contribute their drone videos. We automatically transform their drone videos into a 3D map (with about 15 cm accuracy for you geo-geeks) and render the maps and videos. When you click on the map, the video that is closest to the object you clicked on is played -- so that's why you get to see Coit Tower up close and personal. We are rolling this out in stages so currently only accepting drone videos in and around the SF Bay Area, but we will open it up to additional areas soon.
Jake Peters@jakeapeters Β· CEO & Founder @HelpDocs
This is one of the coolest drone-related things I've seen for a long time. Great job guys!
Giacomo Lawrance@giacomolaw Β· Author of
Wow, really great how it generates a 3d map from your footage. Will definitely be giving a try.
Jarratt Isted@jarrattisted Β· Cofounder, HelpDocs
This app looks awesome for anyone with a drone. The 3D map which tells you about building height is pretty neat too. Great job guys πŸ™Œ
Markus Schuette@markus_schuette
This is incredible!!!