Build maps that reveal changes 🌏

Hivemapper provides mapping, visualization, and analytic software tools for damage assessment, autonomous navigation, and border perimeter.

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This is one of the coolest drone-related things I've seen for a long time. Great job guys!
Wow, really great how it generates a 3d map from your footage. Will definitely be giving a try.
This app looks awesome for anyone with a drone. The 3D map which tells you about building height is pretty neat too. Great job guys πŸ™Œ
This is incredible!!!
I had a chance to test drive Hivemapper around Los Gatos. When I first saw the results I was giddy. My first impression was "wow this is a new angle, new view of the world". But then my mind started to imagine what could be possible by viewing and analyzing the world from this angle and I pee'd my pants with excitement (not really, but it's kinda a big deal).