Real-time task management and planning

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I've been using this product while it was in Beta Version and i am really impressed by how well design it is. The experience is amazing and smooth. Give it a try and discuss other solutions, i can't get enough of task and management tools since i never found the right one for me, by now HiveFlux looks promising.
Hi Tori: We wanted everyone to be able to jump on board on HiveFlux so we decided not to restrict the number of users. That's also because of our way to bring in External users to your company's projects. So we decided to differentiate by number of active projects (archived ones don't count) and storage. Small companies usually don't handle that much projects, so we feel that we can still offer a competitive price to them.
The interface looks beautiful. My organization is all about Asana and Trello, but I think that HiveFlux's feature list is competitive. Interesting to note - where Asana's pricing scales by users, HiveFlux's is project-based (a la InVision). I don't (personally) feel that's the right way to scale pricing for a project management platform. Smart that their trial period gives you a taste of the unlimited enterprise tier, but I'd hedge that small companies are not going to want to fork over $1500/year for that.
Hi Diogo: Thank you for your kind words. A good design and a good flow were one of our top priorities.
Hi everyone! I'm the HiveFlux CEO and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about it. Fire away!