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Brett KnutsonMaker@knutsonbrett · Founder, Hive Social
Hey Product Hunt! My name is Brett Knutson and I am the Founder of Hive Social. I originally started Hive Social to solve a problem for my disabled mom. She lost her license a few years ago due to her disability and was stuck at home unable to make new friends. The current solutions available at the time didn't work for her and my goal was to create something that could help her find people nearby that shared her interests. After more thought I realized that everyone has trouble making friends at some point in life, whether it's because you just moved to a new area, you are a freshman in college, etc. Our mission statement is that we believe everyone deserves to be loved, to feel known, and to belong! We are brand new so any feedback and all questions are welcome!! Thanks for the support!
Steve McGarryHunter@stvmcg · Entrepreneur and coffee snob
Hey @knutsonbrett love the mission and product. Question: With engaged communities (like @ProductHunt) there needs to be a constant stream of quality content. What is your team doing to ensure that the community always has quality content available?
Brett KnutsonMaker@knutsonbrett · Founder, Hive Social
@stvmcg Thanks Steve McGarry! Right now we actually have a contest going for the users who post the most high quality content. The contest runs through the end of this month and the user who posts the most high quality content (posts and comments that bring value to the hive social community) gets $1000. 2nd place gets $500, 3rd place gets $250, and a bunch of random drawings will take place for $100 and other prizes!
Steve McGarryHunter@stvmcg · Entrepreneur and coffee snob
@knutsonbrett Also here is the Android link: for the droiders out there.
James Kestner@james_kestner
This looks awesome!
Brett KnutsonMaker@knutsonbrett · Founder, Hive Social
@james_kestner Thank you!! Let us know what you like best!
Brett KnutsonMaker@knutsonbrett · Founder, Hive Social
We got tired of all the chat apps that say the help you make new friends but really just look and feel like another hookup platform, so we reverse-engineered Hive Social to get the result we wanted, genuine connections with people who share a love for the same things you do!
Seth Haugen@shaugen7
What is the difference between Hive Social and Facebook groups?
Brett KnutsonMaker@knutsonbrett · Founder, Hive Social
@shaugen7 Hey Seth! The big differences between us and Facebook groups are... 1. Facebook groups are ran by the creator of the group, so if there is a running group in your area and the creator of that group decided that the running group is going running on Thursday mornings, and you have a consistent weekly conflict on Thursday mornings, you just don't get to go. This usually causes people to create their own group for the same thing or just give up. We think that's silly. 2. Most people have more than just one interest, so that means you would have to find a Facebook group for each of your interests. We make it easier by putting all the different communities in the same place, so you don't have to search to find anything! 3. Unless a Facebook group says that its the running group for a certain city, anyone from anywhere can join the group. This makes it hard to actually meet and make friends in real life. Within the next couple weeks, we will be adding a location filter that will allow you to choose the radius that you see posts from, giving you the ability to meet the users that are near you! These are just some of the differences. As we grow, you will see some more features added that will further distinguish us from Facebook groups, Meetup, and the like. Thank you so much for your support!!
NATE 💯@nathankestner7 · CEO/Founder @natesrate
Refreshing, friendly, easy-to-use, intuitive, and an overall very fun and new way to use social media. Great way to connect with, and learn from people and even experts in any area of life you could think of! For example, let's say you just moved to a new city, and don't know anyone, but love baking... Hop on Hive, go to the community dedicated to "Baking", and just say exactly that! You'll be instantly met with people near you that love baking too, and could meet up with you! Quality friends, same hobbies, done.
Brett KnutsonMaker@knutsonbrett · Founder, Hive Social
@nathankestner7 Thank you for all the kind words Nate!! Appreciate all the support!