Mapping the crypto community using mathematics gives you an overview of who is who in the crypto community.

The lists are generated algorithmically using data from Twitter. It updates daily.

You can check your own influence score in crypto when you log in with Twitter.

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Previously this website was known as Today we re-launched it under a new name, which is marking a new phase for this project. We will use our algorithm to build products that can be useful to the crypto community on daily basis. You can read more in this blog post: You can read about the algorithm here: You can check your own score here: If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We'll be happy to tell you more about what we're working on!
Doing great work guys! Would be great to have this list extended to up and coming leaders in the space. Imho, people on the current list are so influential, that if you are in crypto, you know them anyway 😃
@ksaitor Thanks Raman! This feature is on the roadmap.
I would see a great value in general knowing if I should buy or sell certain crypto at certain moment. Maybe you can connect the influencers ranking over time with how well these people predicted trade signals or short, mid and long term investment strategy (BUY,SELL, HOLD) - just thinking loudly here, as - we need to be honest - people are in crypto for trading, money and huge profits :) But again - great work!