Yik Yak's new secret app, a social network for your campus

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
The Verge's @caseynewton just broke the news about Yik Yak's new app, Hive, published under the pseudonym, Richard Guy (sounds familiar to @benrbn and the Houseparty's strategy 😛).

Unlike anonymous-based Yik Yak (which seems to have been struggling lately), Hive is closer to a GroupMe competitor (which is still widely used by college students).
Armand Khatri
@mr_aok · co-founder //
So it's a mobile first
Alec Garcia
@calialec · Software Engineer, Youplus
Looks very similar to Huckle (
Evan Jones
@evan_jones · Former Product Marketing, Yik Yak
I wish the remaining team well in their new adventure! Looks like Slack for college 😍
Allan Yarmulnik
@allany888 · Mobile lead, Talkspace
Tough road ahead... Can they capture the magic twice? My money is on no.
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