Yik Yak's new secret app, a social network for your campus

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The Verge's @caseynewton just broke the news about Yik Yak's new app, Hive, published under the pseudonym, Richard Guy (sounds familiar to @benrbn and the Houseparty's strategy πŸ˜›). Unlike anonymous-based Yik Yak (which seems to have been struggling lately), Hive is closer to a GroupMe competitor (which is still widely used by college students).
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@rrhoover if i ever had to publish an app under a pseudonym i would also use this name, but probably shorten it, because who wouldn't want to download an app by dick guy
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@caseynewton I was betting on Rich Guy. Good joke though, good joke
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@hfauq damn, that joke was sitting right there and i totally missed it. good job hugo
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@caseynewton @rrhoover ^^This comment is literally one of the best things you've written yet in 2017 and we are all better off for it.
So it's a mobile first
I wish the remaining team well in their new adventure! Looks like Slack for college 😍
@evan_jones Whats the answer to #3, lol
Tough road ahead... Can they capture the magic twice? My money is on no.