Grow your own sustainable insect protein at home

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Honestly, I don't believe there is any cost or environmental argument which would see me preparing mealworms in any sort of discernable way in the near future. I can more see the idea of products which repurpose their protein into a form which isn't quite so... insect like. I do take the point that what we eat is more of a cultural byproduct than anything with intrinsic meaning, but my culture is steering me far away from eating worms at the moment.
@zackbloom I'm very happy they are halfway after just 8 days. Great job girls! (CC @katharinaunger1) :) Although I kind of agree with you.
It will certainly take some getting used to, but for modern society to move towards sustainability we must consider insects as a part of our diet. I did an interview with the folks at Exo (cricket flour protein bars) last year which reinforced that belief for me. The idea that you can grow 200-500g of clean protein a week is amazing. That's like getting a couple steaks or several dozen eggs worth of protein every week.
When the zombie apocalypse comes, you'll be really happy you have a Hive in your home. I was about to mention that you might want to send a sample, but I see that the $25 level is just that. Great idea to convert the skeptics!
Definitely interested by this ! Insect for food has been a long time company plan for me. A little bit pricey though. Is there any warranty for this product ? Also, I see that you're focusing on worms here. Any plans for crickets @katarinaunger1 ?
Beautiful. Any tech that advances food (specifically protein) production away from the wasteful development and slaughtering of an entire animal is sweet in my book. Insects, in vitro meat, and super efficient indoor hydroponics are so exciting to me. Great job!