Send or receive money using a modern payments interface


Cameron Baraban
@cameron_baraban · Product nerd & Co-Founder of Ignition90
What problem is HitPay solving that similar apps aren't?
Michael Abehsera
@michaelabehsera · UI Designer and Developer
I don't get it. Why would I use this instead of Venmo, Square Cash, etc?
Aditya Haripurkar
@aditya_haripurkar · Founder and CEO, HitPay
HitPay allows you to send or receive money to or from any mobile number using a modern payments interface. In addition to facilitating peer to peer transactions, HitPay also supports merchant payments using QR code and beacons. HitPay works with any Singapore registered bank and balance top ups are processed within 5 minutes of completing a fund deposit usin… See more
Ming Ma
@mingliangma · Founder at Kllect
Great stuff! How can you guarantee the security of payments? What's your developers' background?
Adam Wham
@whamadam · Co-Founder, Hyphen
How long does it take to send money?