Send or receive money using a modern payments interface

#5 Product of the DayMarch 11, 2017
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What problem is HitPay solving that similar apps aren't?
@cameron_baraban Hi Cameron. When we set out to build HitPay, we wanted to avoid the standard payment experience of clicking multiple buttons/ scrolling multiple pages that we encountered in payment / banking apps in the market that we are serving. Also we were very conscious of not making this a social payments product like Venmo . The product also solves a few other problems which are specific to the Singapore market. We have tried to reengineer the overall user payments experience with HitPay which focuses on simplicity and providing a delight factor to users.
I don't get it. Why would I use this instead of Venmo, Square Cash, etc?
@michaelabehsera Hi Michael. HitPay currently only works for Singapore based users and Venmo and Square Cash are not available for users in the region. From a function perspective, it is similar to Venmo and Square Cash where users can send money to friends, however from a user experience point of view , we believe we provide a fresh approach towards mobile payments to our users which is not available in other payment applications.
@michaelabehsera this is interesting, so you're targeting a market where a similar service isn't available?
@aditya_haripurkar @michaelabehsera There are already incumbents out there backed by local banks. https://www.dash.com.sg/ and http://www.dbs.com.sg/personal/d... come to mind. How is this different?
@leonn @michaelabehsera While there are payments offerings which provide the function of paying users instantly such as the ones mentioned by @leonn , we have tried to focus on providing a fresh new approach towards making payments. The other offerings stated are backed by banks who do not necessarily focus on providing a convenient and unique user experience.
HitPay allows you to send or receive money to or from any mobile number using a modern payments interface. In addition to facilitating peer to peer transactions, HitPay also supports merchant payments using QR code and beacons. HitPay works with any Singapore registered bank and balance top ups are processed within 5 minutes of completing a fund deposit using internet banking. Our vision with HitPay is to provide a unique and fresh payments experience to users and facilitate widespread adoption of cashless payments in Singapore and the region. We would love to hear your feedback on the app.
Great stuff! How can you guarantee the security of payments? What's your developers' background?
@mingliangma security features of the app include data encryption, 2 factor authentication. Developers have a background in Cybersecurity and building core banking solutions.
How long does it take to send money?
@whamadam Hi Adam. All transactions ( both cash transfers and requests ) are processed instantly when done through HitPay.