Unlimited analytics services from $399/mo

Hitmetrics.io provides clients with unlimited insights and analytics services for a flat monthly fee. You'll get the expertise of a full web analytics consulting agency for a fraction of the cost.

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Hey PH, and thank you @arnehendricks for hunting us. Jonathan from the Hitmetrics team here. Hitmetrics.io is a lean web analytics consulting agency packaged as a productized service. We started Hitmetrics.io because of how frustrated we got dealing with 'top' agencies in the corporate world and wanted to see if we could offer something better. We want to offer analytics services that actually makes sense depending on the client's business. We help with planning your analytics approach, improving data capture through tag implementations, generating insights based off your data and more! We're familiar with most major analytics tools but we're definitely not opposed to tinkering with newer ones. A couple of free giveaways: Implementing Google Analytics on your site? Consider using a checklist https://hitmetrics.io/assets/ga_... Like us but not enough to pay us? We'll still recommend you stuff. Here're some of our favorite analytics tool, both free and paid https://hitmetrics.io/assets/the... We'd love to get some feedback and see how we can improve. Jonathan Cofounder, Hitmetrics.io