Hitman: Sniper

Immersive sniping game based on the Hitman universe

Considering the craftsmanship that went into the last one, this will probably rule.
@mackflavelle GO was such a unique spin on Hitman, and this looks just as interesting. Now just counting down to a new full-on Hitman announcement at E3!
@drew_dawson I commented in another P(g)H thread about Go- how it was beautiful and interesting but I didn't actually find it fun. Where as we KNOW sniper mechanics are fun. So smart how they have essentially unbundled the console games and created a constellation of apps, all serving a particular play experience instead of product feature.
@mackflavelle Bought this last night and easily played through two hours. Love the the different goals and approaches you can take to each mission. Also collecting parts for rifles with their unique features really appeals to the obsessive in me who must have all the things. Totally worth $4.99. Been playing it on my iPhone 6 (since my iPad Mini ran out of space) and the sniper gameplay mechanics work pretty well. Will try it on my tablet as I bet the bigger screen will make it easier to zoom in and out in the scope mode.