Curated Twitter lists and Global Trends

Access curated Twitter lists of verified accounts categorised by interests and countries. View trending topics across globe. Pin lists and trends to app's home screen.

Ajanthan Mani
Kajal Thakur
Parneet Goraya
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    features, idea, interface and what not !

    Simply superb !


    I don't find anything as such !

    Must use app!! once learnt, simplifies many things

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We love Twitter, especially the underrated lists feature and trends. But creating lists and changing location for trends is tedious on Twitter’s native mobile apps. So we made HitLyst. A “Lyst” is a curated group of verified Twitter accounts, categorised by interests and countries. Viewing a lyst timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that lyst. We also added ability to change country and location for trending topics swiftly. With HitLyst, you can: - Add a “Lyst” to app’s home screen to make it a “list”. Personalise the list by adding or deleting accounts, icons, description, etc. - Follow trending topics and pin favourite trends/custom keywords to app’s home screen. - Reply, like, retweet and share tweets. Post new tweet. - Create own lists. - Use app in night mode HitLyst is available on both iOS & Android platforms. Check it out at onelink.to/hitlyst We’d love to get some feedback and I’m happy to answer questions! 🙏
@spsrinivas30 Congrats on the launch!
@kevinguebert Thanks, mate :)
A bit of a random question - but where did you get your logo from? It looks eerily similar to https://codesponsor.io/ :p
@d4nyll haha. true, looks quite similar. We got it done in-house, more on the lines of clubbing "feather of the twitter bird and lines for lists" :)
I really like your app/project mate. I’m sure the UX will evolve. All in all, great launch. Keep up the good work.