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Member's club for cheap flights and alerts

Unlike airfare deal sites that blast you with untargeted emails, Hitlist allows you to opt in for exactly the trips you want to take, increasing the chance you'll find a deal you'll actually use.

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Hitlist has always been about finding you great deals that fit your time and location preferences, and we're excited to be able to tailor it down even further with the premium upgrade. We've been working on this for a while and beta testing has been exciting: a lot of people have said they've taken trips they wouldn't have otherwise since they got such a good deal. Happy to answer any questions y'all might have!
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@gillianim -- I hope your app is a great one (I haven't tried it yet), but i have some question regarding your branding part... The first part is the name of the app, what's your reason to name the app as "Hitlist" ...Very curious to know the reason behind the name and don't mistake me, that name resembles something different to me, relating to hit-men, kill, targeted people etc. So my mind couldn't associate your app name to travel curator. The next part is the logo design, don't you see something odd in the logo?? The image depicts something different. 4 planes closing in/trying to collide, I may be wrong too. What's your view on it?? Was it created out of a Random?? I do deep studies on the brands, and love to get the insight about yours too.
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@gillianim @ramkumarhq When I saw this logo, my first thought was about snowflake and winter clothes
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@ramkumarhq we've gotten a lot of feedback over the years on Hitlist and have heard both these complaints - that it evokes hit men and planes colliding - before, though not nearly as often as people have said they felt the branding was memorable and cool. It's hard to hit on something that is both memorable enough to stand out and completely uncontroversial. While hitlist has a mafia-like association for some, the term 'hitlist' is commonly used more in the sense of 'I want to hit up the beach, my friend Sam, and this cafe I heard has great mochas this weekend' - that is to say, a list of things to do - than the older mafia connotation. Facebook's local app even features a weekend 'Hit List' now. So I think on the whole it's a word that is being reclaimed for positive associations and we're part of that. As far as the graphic, I designed it myself, and it's meant to represent people coming together, to evoke meeting up somewhere interesting and new; and also a compass, with slight design references to old-timey maps. I can't control what everyone sees, and I know that even people with the best intentions sometimes miss the mark - remember the fiasco around Airbnb's new logo? https://www.theguardian.com/arta...
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I love Hitlist. So easy!


So easy to find inexpensive travel to interesting places


I haven't had much time to travel for pleasure this year (but that's on me)

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This is impressive @gillianim Well done to the team