Hitlist 2.0

List where you want to go, get fare sale alerts

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I love this update. There is a lot of fun little details. For example when viewing a city if you turn your phone horizontal it shows your current location and the path to the destination. For someone that is not the greatest at geography, it's a nice little touch. I also love the new layout for the profile page, simple way to look at the data about the places I visited, my hitlist, and the info about my friends.
The new native experience is a vast improvement from the early days of the first build I saw @gillianim. I've noticed many of the flights are routing from Skyscanner and redirect the flight search to a web view. Any plans on implementing their API (http://business.skyscanner.net/p...) in order to keep the experience within Hitlist?
@daveambrose it's on the development timeline. Probably 3 months away unless we raise a significant amount of capital and are able to build quicker (hint hint)
Hi there all - CEO of Hitlist here happy to answer any questions. Big highlights in the update: - completely new UI that makes it easier to navigate to relevant information - updated profile that allows you to more easily explore where friends have been & get inspiration from them - expanded city & deal list - around 20x the volume we had before All built in the spirit of making it easier for everyone to travel more!
Great product updates from @gillianim. Awesome team, great product.
I have yet to actually *book* a flight after using Hitlist, but I still love the app and the emails. Someday I'll get that spur-of-the-moment flight to Maui for $400 :P
@brian_lovin thanks for the lovin! (couldn't resist...)