Your bottle and cup belong together

Hitch is a full-size water bottle with a removable barista-approved cup hidden inside. Go zero waste & carry better. 🌎
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Thank you @5harath! I wanted to chime in a bit about why we created Hitch. We came up with Hitch to solve a problem we had with reusables. We already carry our reusable bottle everywhere, but trying to also carry a reusable cup, on top of everything else we lug around, was cumbersome. We asked around, and most of our friends had the same problem. We looked at what was out there to make these easier to carry: Collapsible cups, thermoses, hybrid vessels etc,. We didn’t find anything good. And that got the gears turning. =) So we did an online survey, and 80% of people said they will not carry their reusable bottle and cup because it’s too inconvenient to carry both. After validating the problem, we started playing around with ideas. We knew the solution needed to be easy to carry, with a bottle and cup that were both insulated, full-size (no 8oz coffee cups plz!), had leak-proof lids, and allowed quick access to water. After lots of exploration, we came up with the concept for a bottle with an outer shell that contained a full-height bottle that stepped in near the bottom with a gap to nest a removable cup inside it, and a place to stash the cup lid on top of the bottle. It also needed to be easy to clean the gapped area, so we made the inner bottle easy to remove, so you can clean in there quickly. From there, it kind of happened organically. We got an engineer friend to look at our design, and he loved it and jumped in, so we kept going. We got a little backing, developed the prototype, did the engineering, tested it, refined it, filed the patent, and then got ready to launch on Kickstarter. In the process, we learned a lot about the single-use paper cups, and it turns out the cup problem isn’t just personal, it’s global. Paper cups are virtually impossible to recycle because of the plastic lining inside. We throw away more than 300 billion cups a year, and log 100 million trees just to make new ones. So as we readied Hitch to launch, we decided to commit to doing something about it. When you support Hitch, we also plant a tree to restore forests. Oh and we’re carbon neutral as well. Finally, as ocean lovers, to mitigate plastic pollution, we also remove 1kg of ocean-bound plastic when you back us. So please check out Hitch. Also, we’ve got an Early Bird deal right now, which is 30% off when you back us on Kickstarter. Thank you, and we hope you love Hitch as much as we do!
Hey there! So I heard about Hitch and got excited, because it solved a problem I had with carrying reusables using a really clever design. Hitch is a beautiful water bottle that’s big enough for all day, with a secret cup that comes out of the bottom, so when you want to get coffee on the go, it’s always with you. They just launched on Kickstarter, and are doing amazing!
@5harath thanks for sharing this!
I love the idea of minimizing the gear I bring with me to work. I also am excited to take this to the beach (water bottle plus happy hour mug!)