An affordable way to get around SF by sharing your ride.

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Hey guys! Co-founder of Hitch here. Was hoping to get some feedback on the app we just launched last week. We're operating daily in San Francisco, and have built a frictionless way to implement true route-sharing across multiple traveling parties. Passengers input their start/destination via the app, and we pair them to a car with other passengers when the routes overlap. The driver's route is ultimately dynamically generated based on where demand is actually appearing. Looking forward to hearing from ya'll! Edit: Just created a promo-code for this post. If you install the app, navigate to the promotions tab in-app, and use 'producthunt2014' your first ride is free!
I'm going to try this on Sunday to get to the Quibb picnic @sandimac. Would be interesting to leverage Uber with Hitch, a way to split fares with strangers going in similar directions without you having to build the supply-side yourself.
Glad to hear it, Guy! Hitch is basically what you described actually: we have our own operation with our own drivers, and you are basically splitting the fare with folks. You get the same easy booking flow (though you do have to tell us where you're headed) you're accustomed to. That said, the fare we project to you at booking time (which is 50% the cost of an UberX) is the one you pay. So if you end up with an empty car, you still get that reduced fare!
@guygal - see you at the Quibb picnic, my man! I hope this gets traction so I can save money hopping around SF. My Lyft/Uber bill is adding up. What's your grand master growth strategy, @snirkodesh?
@rrhoover maybe we'll serendipitously share a Hitch! I spend roughly $300 a month on UberX (and they recently hiked the rate by a cool dollar per ride). The car quality hasn't increased, and in my experience, is not as good as it used to be. Transit is essentially a commodity, so competing on price versus quality is the right approach to capture maximum market. This approach in and of itself defines your growth strategy. That said, making the supply-side work seems like it will be largely predicated on drivers picking up 3 people per trip. If they pick up 1, they make less than they would with Uber. If they pick up 2, they make the same. If they pick up 3, they make more. If the vision is quasi-SuperShuttle, I imagine the Hitch experience will add travel time, but at half the cost I can see myself using it to get to and from the office/airports versus meetings/appointments where I would pay a premium for fastest option possible. However, 5 minutes in additional travel time is probably the most I would be willing to bear. Will be interesting to see how you manage this experience. With Hitch, am I booking a car in advance? Or is it "instant" a la your competitors? Last note... there is tremendous inconsistency in the Uber experience when you verbally relay the destination to your driver. Punching in where I am headed, as much as it is an extra step, is a step I welcome. I would frame that as a feature, not an inconvenience.