Hit Me Up!

Get notified when your friends arrive/leave a location!

Hit Me Up! is an iOS app that allows you to easily notify your friends whenever you enter or leave a location.

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Is this rivaling the "I'm waiting outside" text?
@sebastiangodel That's the idea! You can even send a request to someone so that all they have to do is accept and you'll automatically be notified when they arrive. This works for a lot of different use cases but I've heard the "I'm waiting outside" is a very popular one. Please let me know if you have any other questions, thanks! 😀
We already have this and its called: FourSquare (Swarm). nice try tho. 😐
@captnphilip I honestly fail to see any connection between the two apps. FourSquare Swarm looks like a very nice app but it’s purpose is to automatically create check-ins so you can remember where you’ve been. HMU on the other hand will send a notification to your selected friends when you have arrived at a location that you manually set. I would really appreciate it if you did some reading/research before posting an uninformed comment 😕
@captnphilip @colemusique Philip left a snarky comment too on a question I asked someone on Whale. I believe he's still working on or stopped working on a music streaming app similar to AmpMe. Don't let his Ego get to you :)
@captnphilip @ios_javi Thanks! I appreciate the support haha. I'm wondering if he knows that you you're not allowed to work on personal apps at Apple if they aren't directly related to your work there. 🤔