Hit Me Up

An endpoint for receiving and managing enquiries

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Ello m8s. Just a bit of background on this to preempt any comments about weirdness/broken stuff if anyone actually checks this out: - This is super beta - It was made in a weekend and a day and needs a lot of work - It was originally just intended for my own use, so it’s kind of a slight abstraction of a single use-case - I’m _totally_ open to feedback, suggestions and abuse - Please be gentle with the actual API if you wanna start testing it out (and delete test messages), I’d super appreciate not having a giant Heroku bill at the end of this month Hugs xoxo
I love it! you could really make an entire PM suit out of this. Well done!
I totally think this is the way things are headed with Zapier. Independent services for each use case. Slowly creeping toward the death of coding!
@allnick I certainly hope not! At least for me, with this project, it’s more about providing something a little empowering for developers who don’t have the time/skills/desire to write something like a contact endpoint. There are thousands of more challenging, more important features a backend dev can be working on, too, and I don’t think the trend towards this kind of abstraction harms that in any way. As a coder, I’m always super interested in anything that takes the tedium out of my job and lets me focus on bigger-picture, or more bespoke stuff–hence why I made this!