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The idea here has already been explored a few times with different apps... what makes this different and in a position to succeed?
@bentossell Hi Ben, that´s a good question and thanks for your comment. Here´s the answer: Hit Me Harder has 3 unique benefits comparing to other challenge apps. Here they are: 1. Marketing idea: in future we are providing separate channels in the app to companies (in example Red Bull, Canyon bikes, television, …). so that they got their own company channel in the app to use it as platform for their contests. 2. Hit Me Harder is the only challenge app, where users can also create private challenge videos only visible for nominated people, such as friends or hobby groups – haven´t seen this in another challenge app before. 3. Charity Projects: Hit Me Harder is not just for fun – we would like to host separate channels to (local) nonprofit charity organizations, so that they open up charity challenges. Each month should be released a few charity challenges (per region) where the users can vote and decide which project they would like to support by doing these challenges and donations. It must be provable. Therefore we are giving space on our internet site in the form of blogs, where the organisers can show the results to the community. The reason is, we want to make this world a better and more colorful place and we want everyone in the community to know that they can change the world by doing funny stuff for good cause. What do you think about it? :)
@bentossell Could you share with me another different apps with the same idea? I want to try something for Android.
@carsten_fischer do you have version for Android? I can't find it
@geramozg Not yet my friend but we are working on it. we want to build a team to make the app great.
Hit Me Harder is a new free App where everyone can easily record, publish and share challenges of all kind: funny, sportingly, athletically, artistic or for good cause – its up to the users and their challenge ideas. Therefore the users can decide whether if it´s a private challenge only visible to the nominated persons or if the challenge is public, so that everyone in the community can watch and challenge it. So Hit Me Harder provides a platform to everyone to create challenge videos easily that show abilities, special experiences and moments with the intention to invite and nominate friends and the rest of the world to participate, to find out who´s doing the best. On the one hand we wanted to create an App where all kind of people can interact playfully to make new friends worldwide. On the other hand we want to create a platform for charity purpose (Power To The People), where the community can decide which local projects for good cause they´d like to support by doing and sharing challenges and making donations to the organizations. Right now we are still working all night long to improve the app and we still got a lot of improvement ideas in petto that we weren´t able to involve yet (messaging service, random nomination system, user trophies, android version and a lot of marketing ideas for companies). For the future we would like to find and meet people that believe in our project and could imagine to be part of it or would like to support us. We´ve got a lot more to offer than whats visible yet – that´s for sure! If you´re interested please feel free to contact us! If you would like to make the world more colorful, funnier and a better place, we would be delighted by downloading the free app and sharing it in social media with your friends and the world.