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Very cool. Though it feels a bit backwards to have the most recent history on the left vs the right. Just a thought.
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@divineprofit Yeah, I second this.
@zefareu @divineprofit 3rd - natural assumption was the timeline would go the other direction.
@divineprofit Since time isn't linear, shouldn't it be curved?
@divineprofit This was my first thought too. The default horizontal scrolling behavior of the web in the west is left to right. Kind of the "web native" way to do it 💁
Was this inspired by the Wait But Why article from a few weeks ago?
@lumilux ah nice! I should've seen that. Thanks for pointing it out!
The history nerd in me would have killed for this during my British Medieval and Roman History courses in college. It would have certainly helped keep all those important historical figures in order. :D
This is awesome. I would love the ability to zoom in and see more granular information for each decade. For example, David Bowie appears to be still alive when looking at the chart despite having passed about a month ago.
Would have aced history class with this