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#1 Product of the DayApril 23, 2018

Academy about Product Hunt is a set of courses about Product Hunt, the first one being the story behind Ryan Hoover's success in building one of the most active communities of tech early adopters.

  • Igor Gorbenko
    Igor GorbenkoSaaS Marketing Manager

    Can be updated anytime unlike PDFs, generates leads, a must have for sales, marketing and support.



    I used academy ocean to set up academy.serpstat.com, we planned it just as a hub for large educational content but it turned out to be an outstanding leadgen tool.

    Igor Gorbenko has used this product for one year.
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  • Reply
    Replycustomer success @ Reply

    Great tool! Using it for trial users education and customer conboarding. Super helpful, easy to edit and add new lessons.



    It's super easy to share knowledge, edit content, make quizes and collect emails. AcademyOcean has strong analytics and dashboards, so you can track progress by course for every user. Must have tool for SaaS. Great job, guys!

    Reply has used this product for one year.
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Vladimir Polo
Vladimir PoloMaker@vladimirpolo · CEO of AcademyOcean.com
Hey Product Hunt! Most new products today reach a point when they want to be featured on Product Hunt. Our product (AcademyOcean.com) is not quite there yet. Let me tell you why. About a month ago we started thinking about featuring AcademyOcean on Product Hunt. We read a dozen articles on how to do it properly and realized that we don't really know enough about Product Hunt and how it works. Some sections of the websites became a completely new discovery for us (like Time Travel, for example). That's when we thought: "How cool would it be to have an Academy about Product Hunt!" (our product helps other companies create Academies, so this is kind of our lens through which we looked at it). We contacted Ryan Hoover @rrhoover and shared our ideas. He said that topics like "How to launch your product on Product Hunt" have been covered over the top by now. Yet, he took notice of our idea of an Academy in which the history of Product Hunt would be told. We started working in that direction and in two weeks the Academy was ready. Ryan gave us some good feedback, suggested edits to the contents and said: "Overall very cool! The format is unique". This was great news, Ryan likes our work! Today we are proud to present you our Academy about the History of Product Hunt! We think it will be interesting not only to Product Hunt fans, but also to people who develop their own product or even just starting with an idea for a product. We took some great lessons out the history of Product Hunt for ourselves, especially the part that covers how Ryan build this awesome community around his new product. It's really something and could be valuable to anyone who is developing a new product. Whole AcademyOcean team hopes you enjoy your journey into the History of Product Hunt!
I'm a huge fan of Product Hunt and I love it! On weekend I came across this Academy and it has everything I wanted to know about the history of Product Hunt. Moreover, I never knew how far Ryan Hoover went to shape this community into what it is today. The format is quite new. Interactive, does not feel like a wall of text, structured into neat lessons. I had the pleasure of talking to the founder of AcademyOcean (the guys who made this product) and they surely grew their product since then and this Academy about Product Hunt just proves it.
Vladimir Polo
Vladimir PoloMaker@vladimirpolo · CEO of AcademyOcean.com
@ruslannaz we believe content shouldn't be a wall of text. That's why we love interactive academies : ) Thank you, Ruslan!
Fanny Berrington
Fanny Berrington@anchalec84 · Let's make this world better.
It's unusual to see the history of Product Hunt in lessons, I was expecting a more "plain text" format, to be honest. Nevertheless, the academy is easy to read and process. Loved the quiz! How long did it take you to make this?
Tim Vlasenko
Tim VlasenkoMaker@timvlasenko · Marketing manager at AcademyOcean.
Hey, @anchalec84 glad you liked it! We spent about 10 days gathering the content and organizing it. This was the hard part. Deploying it into our Academy took around 2-3 hours, with coffee breaks :) Content is always the hardest part.
Matthieu de Luze
Matthieu de Luze@matthieudeluze · Co-Founder @ Studiolabs & Social Media
I was looking for something with a lot of details and I found this course very pleasant to read. Congrats on crafting it 👍 Do you plan on updating it along PH's journey?
Vladimir Polo
Vladimir PoloMaker@vladimirpolo · CEO of AcademyOcean.com
@matthieudeluze yes, we do have plans to update the academy with at least one course. Comments like yours make us feel that we need to add the next course sooner : )
Matthieu de Luze
Matthieu de Luze@matthieudeluze · Co-Founder @ Studiolabs & Social Media
@vladimirpolo Super happy to know that you are going to update it 🤗
David Braun
David Braun@david_braun · CEO www.weblium.com
Great product. I know the founder and his passion about it. Have no doubts it's gonna dominate the market very soon.
Vladimir Polo
Vladimir PoloMaker@vladimirpolo · CEO of AcademyOcean.com
@david_braun thank you for the inspiration, David!