Knowledge and inspiration about Hispanics and LATAM in tech

My name is Carlos and this is my new project, HispanoTech. In this newsletter I'm hoping to highlight the work from LATAM and of hispanics that pave a new way forward in tech or related fields and gathering interviews with hispanic founders to share with you all at a later time. Follow and enjoy! Any feedback is also welcome!

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Im the maker oviously :) great stuff is coming in the future! Interviews with hispanic co founders is something im very excited about to share with the community!


very informative


only once a week

HispanoTech is creating the narrative for celebrating those leading by example. Readers have access to stories highlighting LATAM and Hispanics in the tech and related fields. This is a great source of information and inspiration for adults with any interest in these fields, anyone interested in hearing about people doing great things, and young LATAM and Hispanics interested in reading about the success of those who look similar to them.


informative, inspiring, socially responsible, impactful


could deliver stories more often then weekly