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Curiously, targeted at Office365 users, and not Gmail for a change! The workflow looks interesting, almost like Inbox for Gmail crossed with Trello.
@chrismessina Thanks for hunting Hiri Chris. We target O365/Exchange because MS have over 90% of the business email market and nobody else but MS seem to care about building a nice client for these ridiculously popular platforms!
Interesting idea and I think it would really improve the way email is handled in companies. Truth is that most business email users are not "educated" on how to use email in an effective and respectful way, therefore the mess you get in some companies. I think that integration with external task managers would be a very good addition.
@alexchiri Exactly! It's all about the way we use email. Email training courses work. You can save 30-40 minutes per day. But users tend to go back to their old habits in about 30 days. By baking best practise into email we're hoping users become unconsciously competent at email. We've been thinking about external integrations. Which ones would you like to see?
@dpowert2 hey, thanks for asking, wouldn't really have an appliance right now for that, but I was just thinking from the perspective of a user who would do that. Many companies use Jira, Aptana, Trello for task management, even Things could be a good one. I was thinking how would companies start using Hiri, usually bad email users don't really think they are bad email users, therefore don't see the benefits of investing in this kind of products. :-) Which brings me to the following questions: * how do you intend to sell it to companies? * what kind of pricing schemes will you have? :) * can users gradually start using Hiri in a company? so maybe do a pilot with a team, while the rest of the company uses plain Outlook? how would the emails sent from Hiri look like in Outlook?
@alexchiri Apologies, no idea how I missed this, and it's ancient history now, but may as well answer! - We've been selling mostly top-down. We're engaged with some household name companies. Mind you, these kind of enterprise sales are not easy. - We still haven't monetised the product for individuals, but that's going to change pretty soon. Hiri has evolved quite a bit since it was hunted. - They can start using Hiri gradually, but really there's not a lot of value for an individual. Perhaps a team. You can always go back to Outlook easily. We are one of the few email clients out there that use Microsoft's own protocol, so we sync emails, tasks, calendar items and contacts. If you go back to Outlook, everything will be up to date and in the right place! We were hunted long before we were ready. Thinking about asking for a do-over. So much has changed and we've altered the product/strategy significantly.