Recruiter's Best Friend

Find and contact the right people 10x faster with assisted boolean search on 30+ platforms, robust contact finding, and 24/7 AI sourcing. Quickly find the right fit with thorough candidate profiles and analytics.

  • Pros: 

    More contacts, automatically sourcing, price is reasonable


    response rate is low

    Recommend to recruiters and sourcers who is technical or non technical.

    Claire Liu has used this product for one year.
  • Daniel Gieber
    Daniel Gieberstaffing Consultant

    Hiretual replaces two other tools I was using and offers more features. The new V3 AI tool is my next purchase!


    I would be optimal if Hiretual automatically updated CRM and ATS software. (there may be APIs for this)

    a must have for any form of customer acquisition. Hiretual completes the information I need to reach candidates... faster.

    Daniel Gieber has used this product for one year.
Great tool to speed up #recruiting and talent sourcing on LinkedIn! Could be useful to marketers and sales folks as well.
Hiretual hands down is a tool any recruiter or sourcer cannot live without! It takes the best pieces of many disparate tools combines them into a tool that anyone can use AND produces solid results. My personal favorite is the ability to find multiple phone numbers, I am a firm believer that a phone call is still one of the best tools a recruiter can use.
The AI sourcing in the latest version is just awesome. It is user friendly & adds new profiles to projects. Certainly useful for sourcing software talent in the US.
Hiretual is an amazing sourcing recruiting ATS system which works seamlessly across platforms which enables one to be effective in one's work in recruitment. Hiretual founders & team real down to earth people who are actively involved in the recruiting space & are actively open to receiving feedback in improving & keeping the platform up to date with the constant changing landscape of the recruiting industry with the explosion of the internet. There is no other recruiting ATS platform out there in the market which is as relevant, efficient & effective as Hiretual!