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HireGun.co is now called Credo (GetCredo.com) and is the best way for businesses looking to hire an agency or consultant to put together the right project and then get introduced personally.

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Hello ProductHunt! Thanks Thomas for hunting HireGun! I am the solo founder of HireGun. HireGun was my side project for the last couple of years, but as of the end of September I have been on my own and working hard to get this update out. I started HireGun a few years ago out of necessity (solve your own problems, right?) and worked on it off and on. I validated the business model and knew that it met needs on both sides of the marketplace - businesses needing consultants and consultants/agencies needing more work! I wrote the full HireGun story over here on Medium - https://medium.com/@dohertyjf/br.... I'll be in and out of the comments here all day, so ask me anything!
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@dohertyjf Great Concept, two questions? 1) how do you plan to keep the revenue recurring or you just focus on the point that you get a onetime referral commission. 2) how do you protect yourself from side cutting as you list the available partners as well on the site so one who visits your side could go out and contact them directly.
@juergenhoebarth Hi Juergen! Thanks for the questions and for joining in the conversation! Happy to answer them! 1) The business model has a recurring part built into it. It's not the life of the project like some others do, but it's long enough that I get some recurring revenue going as long as the leads keep coming in and consultant/agency partners keep closing them! 2) This is an issue that all marketplaces deal with, and HireGun is no different. To this point it has not been an issue as all the consultants/agencies on HireGun have been invited and vetted by me. However, at some point I will open it up. I also have plans on the payments side to ease the pain not only of this potentially happening (and if a partner tells me they didn't close a deal but actually did, they are off the platform), but also to solve a consultant/agency pain point of not getting paid on time. Lots to do, but I am excited for the next versions of HireGun!
I also forgot to mention that if you can find the email popup on the site, you'll be entered to win a 30min growth call with me! It's a $125 value and the least I can do to give back to an industry that has given me so much.
@dohertyjf is wicked smart and I love this concept. Excited to see it take off. Upvotes all around!
Thanks so much for your support and friendship, @morganb !
Being a consultant on HireGun has been an incredible experience. John's attention to detail making sure consultants and clients alike have the best experience possible is absolutely unparalleled in any other referral based system I've ever been a part of. John has a knack for only pushing the best consultants on his platform, and honestly the clients he attracts reflect that. Some of my favorite clients I've ever worked with (actually most of them, now that I think about it) have come from HireGun. Onward and upward my good friend!
@snsmth How does one get added to the vendor list?
@roymorejon @snsmth I was a friend and colleague of John's as he was building it so I'm not sure of his process now, but I would tweet him @dohertyjf
@snsmth Awesome. Thank you.
@roymorejon hey Roy! It's not open widely to all partners yet, but go to HireGun.co/apply/ to be one of the first to hear when it is!
I do like the idea of something like a trusted circle of suppliers, I think that is missing if you know 4 great people but they are unable to help on a project but you could potentially expand it to include those in their trusted circle
@davidiwanow That is a really interesting idea, David! Longterm there will be some sort of voting mechanism for others on HireGun to vouch for new consultant/agency partners. I don't know that I'd go the route of letting businesses say "I want to ask this person and these 4 people just like them" in one go, as in my experience with marketplaces that grows the number of leads handily, but the leads become lower quality and thus less useful to the supply side. A great suggestion that I'll think about a lot more for sure!
Congrats John! The Internet loves trust. If you can build a trusted solution you have a winner.