Lightweight and effective hiring software for startups.

Effective lightweight hiring software for startups and small businesses. Affordable and easy-to-use ATS that helps your team to organise the hiring process and find right candidates in less time and cheaper.
  • Cezar Grigore
    Cezar GrigoreFounder, Influencer Wizard

    Really really easy to use


    I would like to see more features around helping me set-up the right questions for candidates

    Some really cool features that can help you hire easy and fast. Relatively cheap compared to other products on the market.Been using the product for a couple of days and been very happy so far with it. Look forward to see it developing over the next couple of months.

    Cezar Grigore has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Takes the pain away from setting up your hiring process


    Maybe more sets of standard questions for easy reuse

    It has a clean design and it’s so easy to use. It took less than a few minutes to set up a job opening that I could share straight away with applicants.

    Alina Draganescu has used this product for one week.
Hey there Product Hunters! Great pleasure to introduce HireFunnel to you today, the affordable and effective hiring software designed for startups and small businesses. Many of you would agree that the most important aspect of any venture is the team and this fact puts a lot of pressure on hiring. In the life cycle of any startup, there comes a point when it becomes counter-effective to manage the hiring process through enormous spreadsheets and endless email chains. This is where HireFunnel comes in, on our platform you can organise all your applicants from multiple sources in one place and make a collaborative decision with the rest of your team to determine the right candidates, saving you time on the way as well as potentially thousands of dollars by helping you to avoid wrong hires. Perks and Features: 🔥 Organise your candidates from all sources in one place 🔥 Clear and Intuitive design 🔥 Customise Pre-Interview Assessment Form 🔥 Collaborate with your team in choosing the right candidate 🔥 No Limits on number of vacancies 🔥 No Limit on the size of the hiring team 🔥 No Lengthy Contracts 🔥 Affordable Pricing 🚀We are a young Startup with a ton of new exciting features in the pipeline, so stay tuned!! HireFunnel’s goal is to design solutions for the real pain points of hiring, so any feedback on the product or feature requests based on the first hand experience are always much appreciated!
@ivan_podgurskiy Can you add an option that does not show the question before they press record? I don't want people to google the answer.
@al_pal_22 Hey there! Interesting point, this won't exactly solve this issue, because the candidates get an option to re-record their answers. But I guess we can add to give only one attempt on a question. Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it!
@ivan_podgurskiy Thanks Ivan, I am dying to start using this, just need this feature.
@ivan_podgurskiy It would also be helpful for integrating into workflows if you allowed prepopulating fields like this https://help.calendly.com/hc/en-... and allowing employers to set a redirect url after the form is complete so we can automate the next step.
Congrats @ivan_podgurskiy ! You've done great work. Interesting features. Good luck to you!
@eulerr Thanks, Denis! We'll keep up the good work!
I am a bit skeptical but also excited about it. Looking forward.